PERODUA VIVA 850 EX 2009 (M)

Lot 10
Registration No. WSN2394
Chasis No. PM2L252S002052127
Engine No. K20A78F
Mileage. 283897

RM 6,800

  *For Office Use Only

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 Section A - Exterior
Paintwork Scratched
Front Windscreen OK
Rear Windscreen OK
Headlamp (R) Damaged,Yellowed
Headlamp (L) OK,Yellowed
Taillamp OK
Front Signal (R) OK
Front Signal (L) OK
Rear Signal (R) OK
Rear Signal (L) OK
Windows OK
Front Door Handle (R) OK
Front Door Handle (L) OK
Rear Door Handle (R) OK
Rear Door Handle (L) OK
Rubber Lining Torn
Reverse Sensors Not Available
Rims OK
Tyres Over 50%
Spot/Fog Light (L) Not Available
Front Bumper Scratched
Rear Bumper Scratched
Wiper OK
Body Panel/Kit Not Available
Exhaust OK
Bodywork Rusted
Side Mirror (R) OK
Side Mirror (L) OK
Spot/Fog Light (R) Not Available
 Remark (Section A)
  Driver rubber lining slight torn
 Section B - Interior
Dashboard Scratched
Meter Gauge Functioning
Gear Knob OK
AC Adapter Functioning
Interior Light Functioning
Rear View Mirror OK
Door Panel
Cover (Overall)
Boot Damper OK
Diagnostic Test No Test
Steering Worn-out
Steering Button
Door Locks Functioning
Floor Mats Complete
Front Seats Torn
Aircond OK
Rear Seats Torn
Power Window OK,Front Right Not Functioning
Foot Pedals OK
3rd Brake Light Functioning
Road Tax Yes
Audio Player Functioning
Sunroof Not Available
Speaker System OK
Roof Lining Dirty
Hand Brake OK
Antenna OK
Glove Box OK
 Remark (Section B)
  Slight torn driver seat and rear seat Worn out steering wheel
 Section C - Engine / Mechanical
Spare Tyre OK
ECU No Diagnose
Boot Latch OK
Bonnet Latch OK
Engine Cannot Start
Gearbox Vibration
Battery Flat
Brakes OK
Radiator OK
Toolset Not Complete
Suspension No Test
 Remark (Section C)
  Knocking noise gearbox Engine leaking
 Section D - Damage Picture
 Remark (Section D)

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