The E-Auction system by G-Mart is a real time application for desktop and mobile devices which allows sellers (legal owners) to sell their vehicle to bidders (buyers) digitally. Buyers could either opt to bid on-site (at G-Mart’s auction centre) or off-site (remotely at their own convenient location).
It’s easy as 1-2-3. Register online via Set your password and via the email link we send and login. To bid, you need to purchase G-Mart credit/s and login during the scheduled live auction date and time.
You are also prohibited from sharing or revealing your user ID and password to any 3rd party user. Every final bid is deemed as SOLD and the account holder is responsible and liable for transactions made from his or her account.
For on-site bidding (G-Mart’s auction hall), tablets are provided for bidding purpose. For off-site bidding, you can participate in the live auction via own mobile smartphone or tab or computer. Ensure that the operating systems are update and that you have stable internet connection. G-Mart Corporation will not be held liable for lost bids due to electronic glitches.
The bidder deposit/premium for are as follows: Car : RM 1636 & Motorcycle : RM 765
Yes you can, just ensure you have enough deposit/credits for each bid attempt. The base is RM1636 per lot for cars below RM100 000.
The bid automatically increases by RM200 per bid for cars below RM100,000.00 and RM500.00 per bid for cars above RM100,000.00. For motorcycles the bid increases by RM100.00 per bid.
A system message – “HIGHEST BID” will be shown on your device if your bid is the highest bidder at that moment. The highest bidder will not be able to increase the bid further until another bidder beats that bid.
The E-Auction application will prompt the message: “You Win!”.
No, the bidder identity will only be known to the bidder and the administrator.
The system has an audit trail for every bid transaction. It can print out detailed transactions for a particular vehicle for verification in the event of any dispute.
Winning bidders are given 5 working days to complete payment and take delivery of the car/s.